Spring Trip 2012 Wrap-Up

Another Spring Trip has come and gone, but as always, it was a fun filled couple of days! This year we had about 20 people attend the trip, with about 5 people who have never seen rapids before. This year we also had everyone paddle together and the beginners learned from the experienced members of CUKC. We headed up Wednesday evening and paddle Thursday and Friday during the days.

The river was at a very good level of around 12 to run the middle channel for both days. The one take-back was that the water and air were frigid for the duration of the trip. Waking up Friday morning, parts of the gear were frozen solid!! But luckily everyone had dry tops or full dry suits so we were all well prepared for the conditions.

It was tough to get out in the mornings onto the water due to the cold temperature, but once everyone was out the days seemed to go pretty well. We had some good swims and some very happy faces after each rapid.

The nights were great as well: we stayed in a nice cozy rented cottage to keep warm, exchange horror stories of the river and, of course, party all night long!

Another great trip, good memories, and more people who are interested in the sport! For anyone who missed this trip, don’t worry there will be more during the summer. Thank you everyone who help organize the trip and help out during the trip. Pictures will be posted as we receive them, as for now, please enjoy the boatercross we had down Lower NoName on the trip. (edited by Shawn Tobin):