Spring Trip 2022

The Spring Trip will be taking place on the April 30-May 1 weekend on the Ottawa River.


We will be leaving Carleton in the evening of Friday, April 29th and camping at OWL. You will be able to purchase food en route or bring your own food for dinner.

Saturday, April 30th we will kayak the Ottawa River. We will be preparing breakfast, a pack-able lunch, and dinner for everyone camping with us at OWL.

Sunday, May 1st we will have breakfast and a pack-able lunch. Then, we will stop on the way home for a meal Sunday evening.


Due to the potential for cold spring weather, paddlers need to be intermediate. Able to roll in flat water (been to pool sessions) and have been on whitewater before (fall trip). Participants need to have their own warm river and camping gear. We have some wetsuits and we have L/XL drysuits available.


We are camping at OWL for Friday and Saturday night. You will need to bring camping equipment such as tent, sleeping mat, sleeping bag, etc. If you do not have your own tent please email events@cukc.ca and we will provide one while available or help you find camping gear. You will need warm clothes and warm camping gear for at night.


You must be a member to participate in the Spring Trip. Please go to cukc.ca/membership to fill out a membership form. Membership is $10 for students and $15 for community members.

Ways we will be Covid safe:

We will continue to monitor the Ontario public health measures and Carleton University guidelines and plan our trip accordingly. It is mandatory to be fully vaccinated to participate in our fall trip and other events. We will have masks, gloves and hand sanitizer for use at mealtimes. We will be wearing masks during shuttles. We will have a mandatory Covid screening form to be completed prior to the trip. One paddle length (usually 190-200cm) is a good social distancing reference.


If you are able to help us organize and run the trip, please email us at events@cukc.ca or indicate this in the signup form. We are looking for people to help cook meals, buy food, fit people in gear, and help rescue in the river. We are also looking for additional camp items including: another BBQ/something to cook on, extension cords, canopy tents for meals, trailers/truck beds for shuttles, pots/pans, coolers for food. A huge thank you to anyone who is able to help out.