Tunnel Mural

Hello everyone,

On August 21, 2011 Carleton Kayak Club made their first Tunnel mural. Last weekend on our first CUKC Summer trip our president Mathew Tasson informed us that the club had been approve to make their collaboration to Carleton’s artistic tunnels.

Yesterday Mat and my self (Alberto) went down to lay the fist layer of white paint, we though it was going to take a couple of hours for it to dry, but due to the high temperatures in the tunnels it dried in no time. So we though that today it was going to take us about 3 hours to finish the whole painting.

The day began at eleven a.m as Mat, Caitlin Lousie, Kayla Bear and myself met in front of the Uni center and headed down into the tunnels. We started by projecting the CUKC logo onto the wall, because of the size, the logo was split into four  quadrants as proceeded on sketching the outline. After 45 min later the logo was starting to take shape.

Then, the unanticipated long painting began, we first started with the red color which involved many, many, many small time consuming drops around our mascot the raven and our sweet kayaker. Time continue to pass as the temperature kept rising.  Finally at six thirty the logo was finish and just detail finishes were being apply to erase the pencil tracings, meanwhile Caitlin was writing “Carleton University Kayak Club”. Hard work and exhaustion was slowing the crew down but then Bryana Beange arrive with lots of energy and enthusiasm  which push everyone else to continue working on our pice of art.

At nine p.m sharp the mural was finish , after 10 long, hot, sweaty hours the hard work had paid off. Final pictures were taken and the closing of the video was recorded ( expect a fast forward making of the mural video soon). After enjoying the new CUKC logo for a while our  five  members: Mathew Tasson, Caitlin Lousie, Kayla Bear, Bryana Beange and myself Alberto Martel headed out to rest.