The Carleton University Kayak Club (CUKC) is a recreational kayaking club that allow white water kayakers within Carleton University and the community of Ottawa to connect with each other. The main goal of the club is to provide affordable and accessible kayaking to students of Carleton University.

The best part about the club is that it is open to anyone. You may never have kayaked before or have just made your 1000th surf on babyface, CUKC provides a fun way to meet new people and experience kayaking.

Introductions to kayaking will start in the Carleton University pool. Once kayakers have honed their ability in a consequence-free environment, they will be taken to a small set of rapids to get their first taste of white water!

Throughout the winter months, CUKC will be hosting pool sessions and various kayaking related events on campus and throughout Ottawa.

Once spring and summer comes, there will be organized trips to local rivers and rapids. The club will have numerous coordinated events and trips with other nearby university kayak clubs. Check the events page and home page to keep up to date on CUKC events.

A secondary goal of CUKC is to support white water kayaking in the community; whether this is through support of other organizations or volunteering at events.


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