CUKC Constitution

Carleton University Kayak Club (CUKC) Constitution

1. Name of the Organization

The Organization shall be known as the “Carleton University Kayak Club”, or “CUKC,” and herein after shall be referred to as the Organization.

2. Purpose of the Organization 

2.1 Provide affordable and accessible kayaking to the students of Carleton University.

2.2 Offer a welcoming atmosphere for newcomers to learn and experience the sport of whitewater kayaking.

2.3 Offer opportunities for enthusiasts that share a similar passion and devotion to enjoy the sport together as well as exchange knowledge.

2.4 Support the whitewater kayaking community through volunteering, attendance, and organization of community events.

3. Structure

The General Membership shall be the legislative body of the organization and shall be composed of all members.

The Executive (Exec) shall be the Administrative body of the organization and shall be composed of members elected by the General Membership.

4. General Membership

4.1 Membership is valid from the date of payment to the following September 15th unless an exception is given by the Executive.

4.2 Anyone is eligible to join the organization as general members, providing the annual fee has been paid.

4.3 Current Carleton students shall be given discounted membership and lesson fees relative to any other members.

4.3.1 Students membership is $10.00

4.3.2Community members membership is $15.00

4.4 Current Carleton students shall be given priority for the attendance of events when attendance is limited.

4.5 General members have the right to:

4.5.1 Attend any club activities and events held by the CUKC given that they have met the

activity requirements including, but not limited to, fee payment and skill level. 

4.5.2 Attend all open meetings.

4.5.3 Run for executive office.

4.5.4 Vote during meetings and the election process if they are a student.

4.6 Membership may be revoked by the Executive by a majority vote provided the member violates any of the following:

4.6.1 Violates the CUKC constitution

4.6.2 Violates CUSA constitution

4.6.3 Willfully damages, harms or threatens club assets including the club members.

4.6.4 Has not paid their club membership fee.

4.6.5 Displays behavior that represents the CUKC in a mal-mannered situation.

5. Executive

5.1 Perks

5.1.1 Co-curricular Record credit.

5.1.2 Reduced price or free events. This will be on a reimbursement for work performed basis, if you don’t help during

an event when/where you’re scheduled, you won’t get your price refunded.

5.1.3 Free/Reduced price CUKC swag.

5.1.4 Awesome friends and sweet kayaking.

5.1.5 A warm fuzzy feeling that you know you’ve made a difference.

5.2 General Responsibilities

5.2.1 Help where needed and assigned with all CUKC projects.

5.2.2 Improve events by offering new ideas.

5.2.3 Ask for help if you are having trouble or can’t do something.

5.2.4 Make documents for future Execs with contact information for everyone who you work

with and detailed information on all of the projects you do and how to do them.

5.2.5 Two-hour commitment minimum per week (some weeks much more).

5.3 President 

5.3.1 Facilitate, run and oversee all club affairs, trips, events and programs.

5.3.2 Take lead on organizing core events: Fall Trip, Spring Trip, Pool Sessions.

5.4 Vice President (V.P.) Internal:

5.4.1 Organize boat and gear storage, sign out and sign in.

5.4.2 Take and maintain electronic inventory of all club assets.

5.4.3 Implement a system for retiring old boats and gear.

5.4.4 Sell all no longer useful CUKC boats and gear.

5.4.5 Purchase new and used boats and gear.

5.4.6 Open registration, close registration, plan and implement pool sessions and lessons.

54.7 Record and manage club membership records.

5.5 V.P. Finance

5.5.1 Work with the President on club budget and financial statements.

5.5.2 Record keeping.

5.5.3 Collect, organize, and manage storage of CUKC files.

5.5.4 Manage bank account and petty cash.

5.5.5 Collect ALL receipts and organize reimbursement.

5.5.6 Work with President and VPs Internal and Operations to determine purchases.

5.5.7 Look for new club member discounts.

5.5.8 Look for outside funding for the club.

5.6 V.P. Operations

5.6.1 Organize monthly and as-needed exec meetings.

5.6.2 Organize Annual General Meeting.

5.6.3 Organize clothing order.

5.6.4 Organize/book pre-trip club meetings.

5.6.5 Take lead on transportation to/from events.

5.6.6 Take and update gear/boat inventory with V.P. Internal.

5.6.7 Organize and facilitate movement of club boats and gear.

5.6.8 Update and collect trip waivers, gear packing lists, etc.

5.6.9 Make, distribute and implement volunteer schedules for club programming and


5.7 V.P. Events

5.7.1 Conceptualize and take lead on planning events other than core events (Fall Trip,

Spring Trip, Pool Sessions). Examples include: Pub nights, competitions, movie nights, participation in

community events, parties, etc.

5.8 V.P. Recruitment

5.8.1 Take lead on and Plan/Organize Clubs Expo for September

5.8.2 Work with Communications to boost social media engagement

5.8.3 Focus on getting new members and retaining existing student members/beginners 

5.8.4 Work on club events with VP Events, especially planning non-kayaking events

5.8.5 Organize and take lead on tabling in UC/Res commons/etc

5.8.6 Take lead on events focused on member recruitment

5.9 V.P. Communications

5.9.1 In charge of all communication and social media relations relating to the club including

photography. Run marketing advertisements.  

5.9.2 Disseminate information regarding CUKC business to its members

5.9.3 Publicize and promote CUKC and its events to the membership and to the public

5.9.4 Design CUKC advertising material such as posters, business cards, banners, etc.

5.9.5 Post all upcoming events on Facebook

5.9.6 Head of social media

5.9.7 Create, gather, edit and coordinate content for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the

CUKC website

6. Elections

6.1 Elections shall take place between February 1st and April 1st and shall be called by the current executive. Club members shall be notified at least 2 weeks prior to the voting date.

6.2 A returning officer (RO) shall be nominated by the current president to fulfill the duties under section 7.3

6.2.1 The RO cannot be a nominee in the election

6.3 RO duties

6.3.1 Solicit nominees for executive positions. Nominees for all executive positions other than president must be club members Applicants can only apply to one position per election Nominees for president must be a current or previous CUKC executive Nominees must submit their intentions to the RO at least 5 days prior to the vote

6.3.2 Facilitate an online secret ballot voting system with one vote per general member

6.3.3 Tally the votes within 24 hours of the election

6.3.4 Announce the results of the election within 24 hours

6.4 The nominee that receives the most votes for their position shall take command of the executive role on June 1st

6.4.1 A tie between two or more nominees shall be decided by the majority vote of the current executive

6.4.2 Outgoing executives are required to hand over all CUKC materials (including electronic accounts) to the new executive by June 1st

6.4.3 Outgoing executives should mentor new executives and give them information on their new roles

6.5 Elections are exclusive to Carleton students and only students may participate in club elections.

7. Impeachment

7.1 Impeachment of executives, including the president, may occur in the following scenarios:

7.1.1 Violation of Article 4.6.

7.1.2 Incapacity to uphold executive responsibilities.

7.2 Current executives can vote to impeach one of the other executives providing they meet one of the previous requirements in Article 8.1.

7.3 Only under the following conditions can a vote for impeachment be held:

7.3.1 All of the remaining members of the executive team must be present or must appoint a proxy to be present to vote on their behalf.

7.3.2 A minimum of three of the executives must be present themselves for the voting.

7.3.3 If not all executives or appointed proxies can attend for the vote, the voting must be rescheduled to a later time when the above conditions can be met.

7.4 An executive undergoing an impeachment will relinquish the majority of their role to the remaining executives during an intermediate period until a new executive can be appointed by the current president

7.5 In the case of presidential impeachment the remaining executives shall vote on a replacement who is a current or former CUKC executive, this executive shall vacate their current position and can appoint a new executive to fill the role until the next general election

8. Amendments

8.1 Changes to the CUKC constitution shall be discussed during an executive meeting before being brought to a vote in a general meeting in which the club members present may hold a majority vote on the change or changes.

9. Dissolution of the organization

9.1 Upon dissolution of the Organization, all assets received from CUSA shall be returned to CUSA. All other assets shall be given to the current executives to either begin a club non-affiliated with the University or support another local kayaking organization. Following consultation with past club members, the executives decision of asset allocation will be made with the objective of growing the sport of whitewater kayaking.