Pool Signup

Welcome to CUKC’s pool session signup page. 

When a pool session is scheduled on the Saturday, registration opens on the Monday morning before.

Checkout our events calendar to know when the next pool sessions are coming up.
Come join us at the Carleton University pool to play around in kayaks, perfect your roll, or master some new tricks. Don’t forget to join us for half off wings at Patty’s Pub on Bank St afterwards! Sign up for this week’s session at https://www.cukc.ca/signup and we will waive your membership fee!

We only accept payments via paypal or credit card. All orders are final so please make sure you will attend the pool session before signing up. If you have any questions please email events@cukc.ca.

Please drop off your boat at the back door of the pool near P12 (the w’s on the map below), then park in another parking lot. P4, just across the road by the O-train, has a pay station where you can pay $4 to park for the night. If you’re okay with a slightly farther walk, Brewer Park (on the other side of Bronson) offers free parking for a limited time period.

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