Spring Trip 2017

As per usual, this year’s CUKC spring trip was a great success! Over 50 club members headed up to the river on Friday night. After setting up camp at Riverrun Rafting we gathered around the campfire and enjoyed a few drinks while reuniting with old friends and also meeting some new ones. Saturday was a glorious sunny day. The more experienced paddlers had a great time running the middle channel, while 11 newbies spent the day learning the ropes with two instructors. With the water level so high, it didn’t take us long to run the whole river, so we got back to Riverrun in the early afternoon and relaxed in the nice spring sunshine: some people set up a slackline, others cracked a beer, and everyone exchanged stories from an awesome day on the river. We were all glad when dinner was ready: there’s nothing like some hamburgers after a day spent on the water! In the evening there was guitar and entertainment around the campfire, and good times were had by all. Next morning we woke up to less than ideal conditions: it was cold and rainy. Nevertheless, we layered up and most people braved the weather and hit the river for a second day. No regrets! The temperature warmed up and the beginners got to run their first bigger rapid! Everyone was super impressed when we watched the rookies killing it on McCoys rapid – hardly any of them flipped! Afterwards, we rounded out the weekend with a delicious meal at the new Whitewater Brewery restaurant in Cobden. Another spring trip had come and gone, and all were stoked for a summer full of paddling.