The Summer Trip

Well another trip has come and gone for CUKC, but as always, it was an amazing trip. It was full of booty beers, sweet surfs, smiles, and some good swims :) We stayed at Owl Rafting for the weekend with our good old exec Juraj. It was a great location for camping because it provided breakfast in the mornings, free ... More

Tunnel Mural

Hello everyone, On August 21, 2011 Carleton Kayak Club made their first Tunnel mural. Last weekend on our first CUKC Summer trip our president Mathew Tasson informed us that the club had been approve to make their collaboration to Carleton's artistic tunnels. Yesterday Mat and my self (Alberto) went down to lay the fist ... More

Summertime with CUKC

Schools out for the summer, but CUKC is still running strong! We have run a couple of summer trips so far for 2011 and will continue to run more up until September. Here is a recap of what CUKC was involved in throughout the past few months: Hell or High Water (HOHW) This year CUKC formally put a trip together to get ... More

Spring Trip 2011

About 2 weeks ago (I know its a bit late for posting a blog, but its been a busy couple of weeks for me) CUKC held our annual spring trip. This time we decided to have the trip over a 2 day 2 night period which turned out to be a great success and probably our best spring trip to date. The trip started off in the ... More